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Working with Landowners

Achieving our mission requires working closely with many partners in the value chain. One of the exceptionally important relationships is with the owners of some of New Zealand’s most wild and remote places. We understand it is a priveledge to be granted access to highly contested Manuka-rich land, and we work diligently to ensure enduring, mutually benfeficial relationships with landowners.

Manuka Magic


The Central Plateau is the home of Three Peaks Manuka Honey. Regenerating bush blankets the slopes of the central plateau in a dark green most of the year, but in the early summer a thick carpet of tiny white blossoms transforms the hills.  For a few short weeks the bees are nourished with an abundance of Manuka nectar, and the bee keepers race to keep up to give them space to store the comb and honey in the hive.  The bush thrums with insect life.

The purity of the honey is guaranteed by the predominance of Manuka blossom being the primary food source for the bees through the period that the nectar flows.  The potency of the honey is something scientists are still working to understand, but arises from a combination of climate, soil, plant species and of course the magic of the bees.

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