Our Range

The Tongariro Jar®

Created with an eye for style and the uniqueness of nature, the Tongariro Jars are beautifully packaged and perfect for personal use or as a luxurious gift.

For ultimate wellness, always buy the highest UMF™ rated Manuka honey you can.

Whatever jar you choose, be assured that only the highest quality Manuka honey makes the Tongariro Jar grade. Perfect for wellness and therapeutic use or as an artisanal fine-food.

It takes 375 New Zealand bees and 8 Manuka trees to produce the Tongariro Jar® - New Zealand’s most magnificent Manuka honey.

Manuka Everyday

Packaged in signature gold-foiled cartons, our generous 500g jars are a stylish option for generous use and everyday luxury. Add to your favourite recipes or consume this Manuka honey on its own.

Perfect as an everyday family honey and wellness boost, with characteristic Three Peaks flavour, velvety texture and UMF™ ratings assuring quality and authenticity.

Single Serves

Perfect for travelling and mobile lifestyles Single Serve multi packs contain 5g individual serves of UMF™ 12+ Manuka honey. Add to drinks or meals, or snap and eat them on their own for a natural energy shot and wellness boost.

Multifloral Honeycomb

Oozing with the sweetness of nature, Three Peaks honeycomb retains the delicious texture of the beehive. Our honeycomb is 100% natural and edible for you to enjoy.