Our Story

For just a few weeks each year, Manuka trees flower in the remote and wild central volcanic plateau of New Zealand’s North Island. Treasured by New Zealanders, this area is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tongariro National Park.

Three Peaks began with a desire to produce the world’s most magnificent Manuka honey and a passion for New Zealand’s volcanic central plateau.

Our journey to produce the finest Manuka honey has led us to some of the wildest parts of New Zealand. It’s led us to sustainable management of our land, conservation of precious indigenous forest, native animals and waterways and growing wonder for the role of bees in nurturing our natural landscape.

We have learned that bees mirror our commitment to our community and that the best Manuka honey has a depth of flavour, texture, character and complexity that lingers on the senses. We’ve learned that while Manuka honey is one of the most natural food products you’ll ever find, it’s a complex art and science to deliver the very best Manuka honey to our customers. Producing the world’s finest Manuka honey is a challenge and privilege we’re proud to bring to the world. Thoughtful design and uncompromising quality are hallmarks of who we are. Only the very best makes the Three Peaks Manuka honey grade.

Our people

Our founders grew up roaming the mountains of the Tongariro National Park – amidst family holidays and adventure races they developed a deep love and appreciation for the unique landscape of the North Island’s central plateau. Today, the whole Three Peaks team is connected to New Zealand’s central plateau – we grew up there and hike, hunt, and ski in the area. Because we know the landscape, we know the Manuka honey produced in this region is something very special.

At Three Peaks, we’re a team who marry the art of beekeeping and honey production with consummate professionalism – that’s what sets us apart. We see it as our responsibility to care for every aspect of sustainable land management, beekeeping, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, packaging development and logistics, so we can ensure our Manuka honey remains at its finest every step of the way from our hands to yours.

From the landscape where our beehives sit, to the stores that sell and deliver our product, we ensure Three Peaks Manuka honey retains the flavours, textures, colours and Unique Manuka Factor (UMF™) it is famous for.

Read more about the Three Peaks team.

Our land

At Three Peaks, we’re committed to sustainable land management and the preservation and restoration of the incredible native flora and fauna on our land. As well as large areas of native Manuka trees, our land contains unspoilt areas of dense native forest that are home to populations of iconic native species such as Kiwi.

We are replanting large areas of our land with native Manuka trees, restoring ecologically-significant wetlands and reducing numbers of introduced predators that harm delicate and endangered native species. We are fierce guardians of the untouched native forest that we own.

The land our bees forage is both rugged and fragile. Rugged because it is a remote and extreme environment of steep hillsides and plunging valleys. Fragile because an ecosystem in an extreme environment can be easily thrown out of balance.

Beekeeping on our land requires skill, strength and the courage to work in a landscape that demands you treat it with respect. We believe that taking care of our land, means it will take care of us.

Our sustainability practices are bringing more stability and resilience to this special landscape: and our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of Three Peaks. We believe it is also part of what makes Three Peaks the world’s most magnificent Manuka honey.

Our bees

A thriving bee population is very important to us, and for our beekeepers, bee health is their number one priority. We love our bees!

Bees are a vital part of many ecosystems around the world and are under threat in many places. New Zealand has a thriving bee population, partly due to the popularity of Manuka honey.

Beekeeping is a complex craft that requires careful tending of each beehive throughout the year. We only work with beekeepers who understand bee health is their highest priority. You can be sure that all Three Peaks Manuka honey has been produced by bees who are nurtured and well cared for.

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