Benefits of Manuka honey

Honey has been used as a natural health and wellness remedy for thousands of years.

The indigenous Maori of New Zealand were first to discover the unique properties of Manuka honey. Genuine UMF™ certified Manuka honey is widely recognized and used for health and wellness. Topically applied it is used for healthy skin and in wound care it is popular for promoting healing.

Genuine Manuka honey has been scientifically proven to contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Genuine Manuka honey contains over 200 compounds not found in other honeys. In particular, the medicinal trilogy of leptosperin, dihdroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxl (MGO) are the signature compounds that are measured in the UMF™ rating given to each jar of Three Peaks Manuka honey. The higher the UMF™ rating, the higher the proportion of unique signature compounds found in that honey.

Our customers tell us they use Manuka honey to:

  • Support the respiratory system
  • Promote digestive and gastrointestinal health
  • Ease coughs and colds, or soothe the throat
  • For healthy teeth and gums
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Assist as a daily wellness boost
  • Provide a natural energy boost
  • Apply topically for skin healing and health
  • As a luxurious face mask

Directions for use

  • We recommend eating at least 1 teaspoon daily
  • Eat on its own or dissolve in hot (not boiling) water
  • Add to tea, coffee or other beverages
  • Use as a natural sweetener – great as a replacement for refined sugar
  • Delicious as part of an appetizer or dessert – anywhere that showcases the rich, toffee-like flavours. Manuka honey matches beautifully with sweet and savoury ingredients.

Honey is not suitable for consumption by children under 1 year of age.

All Three Peaks Manuka honey is independently certified by the UMFHA as being true and authentic Manuka honey. Read more about our quality standards and authenticity certification here.

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