Our Team

At Three Peaks we are lucky to have a group of energetic people who are passionate about providing the highest quality, most stylish Manuka honey products to enrich people’s lives.  Here are some of the people working together to bring the world’s most magnificent Manuka honey to you.

Peter Botting

Chief Executive Officer

I joined Three Peaks in 2015 coming from a background in the dairy industry and robotic automation.  What I truly love about the manuka honey industry is that we are working in tandem with nature.  The more we look after the land the better the outcomes for the bees, land, waterways and the subsequent purity of our unique New Zealand Manuka honey.  I have spent many holidays and weekends in the beautiful volcanic central plateau trail running, snowboarding, hiking and admiring the magnificent rugged terrain. Having the opportunity to lead this awesome Three Peaks team is a chance for us to enrich the lives of as many health conscious people as possible around the world as we share the taste of this magical place.

Andrew Kerr

General Manager

When the opportunity came up to join the Three Peaks team at the start of 2017 I jumped at the chance. The product we produce is second to none in quality and styling and ensuring we bring the best ultra-premium Manuka honey to customers around the world is very satisfying. Coming from a rural background with a love for the outdoors and bees it is great to be part of the team bringing Manuka honey from the remote New Zealand wilderness through to you, our customers.

Jo Strahan

Landowner Liaison

Manuka is an amazing plant that not only gives an enriching honey but plays a special part in New Zealand’s natural environment.  Manuka is a habitat for native species, it stabilises the soil and protects water quality as well as storing carbon.  I love the beneficial combination of Manuka and Bees for the land.  Underpinning our relationship with landowners across the central North Island is a genuine admiration of, and respect for, farming families and rural communities.  We recognise that access to Manuka-rich land is a privilege and we strive to be the very best beekeeping partner you could wish for.

Cecilia Jia

Asia Marketing and Social Media Manager

I have over a decade’s working experience in international companies, including a Top 500 company, mainly in brand development, marketing and integrated operations management. I have a huge passion for sharing New Zealand ultra-premium Manuka honey with the world, especially with people in my homeland China.

Devan Hagberg

National Sales Executive

I joined Three Peaks in 2018 coming from Wine and Spirit Industry for over 30 years. Three Peaks Manuka Honey immediately seemed like home to me and was just the change I needed. I have a solid understanding of brands and categories, coupled with a strong background in commercialization, marketing, premiumization and business development management. My goal is to ensure that our retail partners can count on having top notch service coupled with a fantastic product that sells on merit and is known by the general public as a healthy, world class, quality brand. The best Manuka Honey from New Zealand is Three Peaks Manuka. From hive to honey jar, every step of the way… bee health, sustainability, ultra- premium quality, accountability, traceability and most important a fantastic flavour – I am loving spreading the Three Peaks Manuka message to all that will listen.

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